Top 10 Best Indoor Ping Pong Table In 2022

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Table tennis is the most famous indoor game among people of all. If you are struggling to find the best indoor ping pong table for you? Not sure which one you should choose? Don’t worry; I have collected some high-quality indoor ping pong tables. This step-by-step buying guide will help you decide which table is best for you. 

Let’s dive in!

Editor Choice

I have examined many indoor ping pong tables and found 3 top tables according to the beginners’ professional players’ skills. So if you are in a hurry, you can choose these given below indoor table tennis tables.

Things Consider before buying an indoor ping pong table

Ping-pong tables aren’t identical. They’re not even all comes with “regulation”-sized. In compiling our table list, many factors can affect your enjoyment of the game depending on your requirements and ability.

What makes indoor ping-pong tables more than outdoor ping-pong tables?

What makes outdoor table tennis tables more expensive than indoor ping pong tables is the paint used and the durability. The reason is that their paint doesn’t fade or expand when exposed to sunshine. The materials used in outdoor tables are durable and solid. Outdoor tables are waterproofed and can fight all-weather conditions, but indoor tables are only used in indoor games. However, some professional tables are available that can use both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Some key points need to keep in mind while purchasing the indoor table.

1. Size and bounce

ITTF should approve table approved

dimensions which are 9ft x 5ft 2ft. Don’t worry; we have chosen all ping pong tables tournament grades. 

2. Storage: Some Ping-Pong tables have been constructed to remain open all the time and not allowed to fold. But some others are easy to store after not being when not in used. So it’s better to choose a foldable ping pong table so that you can save space when you are not playing.

3. Skills Levels: Before clicking the buy button, you should know your skill then purchase accordingly. Our list tables are fit for beginner and intermediate and professional players. 

Best Indoor Ping Pong Table: Step By Step Guide

#1. Joola Tour 2500 Indoor Outdoor Table Tennis Table


Table Dimension: 9ft * 5ft

Total Assembly Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Table Surface Thickness: 25mm surface thickness made from MDF

Weight: 250 lbs

Price: (Check On Amazon)

Our Rating: 9.9/10

Our first choice is JOOLA Tour 2500, in all the best indoor ping pong tables. It comes with very high-quality material that will help you to improve your table tennis skills. 

This table feature will blow your mind. First, a great surface. The Tour series from JOOLA is available in three thicknesses: the JOOLA Tour 1500 (/5/8 ”), the JOOLA Tour 1800 (3/4 ”), and the tournament-grade JOOLA Tour 2500 (1 ”). The tabletop’s thickness will determine how much bounce you get. Although the 25mm version is the most expensive, it offers the best value for money. This is an excellent choice for casual play at home, at work, and serious tournament play.

You can be folded up for personal playback, which allows you to practice at your own pace and can be stored compactly when it is not in use. It has eight casters wheels, four on each side. They lock in place to keep it safe and secure. The leg levelers can be used to level out uneven floors.

Overall, the JOOLA Tour ping-pong table is solid, and USATT approved. It easily ranks among the best JOOLA tables for the price. 

#2. Stiga Advantage indoor table tennis tables

  • Dimensions 9 x 5 feet
  • Assembly time 10 minutes
  • Surface 3/4” (19mm).
  • Price $$
  • Our rating – is 9.6/10 (Our STIGA Advantage Review )

The STIGA Advantage Pro is our 2nd choice. This table is trendy in recreational table tennis players. This table fulfills all your needs that you are looking for a good table tennis table. You can use this best ping pong table for home or office. It comes with a regulation size of 9×5 ft which is used in official tournaments. It is effortless to set up (some people did it in less than 10 minutes).

This table comes in different thickness options. The first one is STIGA Pro version 3/4″ (19mm thick), but there are also regular STIGA Advantage versions that are 5/8 inches (16mm) thick. We don’t recommend the 3rd option STIGA Advantage Lite. The tabletop thickness of the Lite is only 1/2 inch (13mm).

They use a thick medium density fiberboard to make it. With multiple paint layers give a smooth surface that offers consistent ball bounce.

You can fold the STIGA Advantage Pro like any indoor table. It locks in place when folded with a spring-loaded safety latch that ensures it doesn’t open unintentionally. To make it easy to transport, it also has 4-inch premium black casters. Your table will be safe and secure thanks to the locks on the wheels.

The STIGA Advantage Pro table also comes with a 72-inch premium tournament-grade net set and makes it very simple. You can also adjust the height of the tension.

The STIGA Advantage Pro is a durable and affordable ping pong table that you can use in your home or office.

#3 The JOOLA Inside 25


  • Table Dimensions 9 x 5 feet
  • Quick assembly – Less than 10 minutes
  • Surface 1” (25mm), medium-density fiberboard used
  • Price– $$$ ( Check the most recent price).
  • Our rating – is 9.8/10

The JOOLA Inside 25 table-tennis table is our 3rd choice. It is a top-rated table tennis table. This table is an excellent choice for advanced or intermediate players and families looking for the best table for ping pong. It folds easily and can be stored away when not in use.

There are three different table thicknesses, but we prefer the 25mm (the JOOLA Within 25). It comes with a 1.5-inch thick steel leg to keep it safe and sturdy. You can split it into two pieces, which helps to transport easily. The other feature is that you can fold up to play personal playback or practice independently.

The reason we rate Inside 25 slightly higher than the Tour 2500 is simply that it is cheaper. Both tables are nearly identical, and each one is amazing in its own right. The Inside 25 is a few hundred dollars less. It simply offers more value.The JOOLA Inside 25 is a great table and is affordable.

#4. JOOLA Rally TL

  • Dimensions 9ft x 6ft
  • Weight– 155 lbs
  • Assembly Time – 10-15 Minutes (Comes 95% Preassembled).
  • Surface thickness 15mm (just below 5/8”).
  • Price– $$ ( View the most recent price on Amazon
  • Our rating 9.2/10

The JOOLA Rally, also known as Rapid Play 150, is a robust table that measures 15mm thick with charcoal-painted fiberboard. This table can be used indoors and is ideal for recreational players looking to improve their game or simply have fun with friends. It is made of a sturdy 30mm x 30-mm surface. This indoor ping pong table has convenient ball holders on each corner, and another feature is a magnetic scoreboard on the side of the table. So you don’t need to worry about forgetting the score. This ping pong table comes 95% pre-assembled, so you can quickly put it together and start play instantly. This table could be an excellent option for those looking best ping pong table for a garage/ home at a reasonable price.

#5. Butterfly Centrefold 25

  • Dimensions 9 ft. x 5ft. (Regulation size).
  • Weight– 290 lbs
  • Assembly Time – 0 Minutes (Arrives 100% Preassembled).
  • Surface thickness– 1″ (25mm). Regulation size tabletop
  • Price – $$$$$ (Check current price)
  • Our rating 9.8/10

The Butterfly Centerfold 25 indoor table tennis table is trendy among amateurs and professionals. Butterfly company comes in the best ping pong table brands. Its tables have been used in numerous official tournaments and are a favorite table tennis club around the globe.

The International Table Tennis Federation approves this table under high standards, which is great for professional players who want to improve their skills. The more amazing thing I found in this table is you don’t need to assemble this table. Its com 100% pre-assemble. This professional table tennis comes with 5 years warranty, along with this free professional net comes with this table approved by official tournaments.

#6. STIGA Optimum 30


It comes with a 30mm thick top (Optimum Bounce Technology)

Approved by ITTF

4″ Machine-Grade Casters and Leg Levelers

Official table for ping pong clubs

STIGA Optimum 30 is another table with the best ping pong tables. If you are a severe player, then you should choose this table. It comes with high-quality steel legs which ensure that the table is perfectly flat for tournament-level quality.

The 2/5 inches steel apron offers fantastic support to tabletop and provides a good amount of bounce over the entire table. STIGA Optimum table comes with a wheel playback position means when you don’t have any person to play with you, you can fold one side of the table and do your table tennis practice alone. I also like this indoor ping pong table because you can fold up and store it when it’s not in use. This is an excellent option for those who want to improve their game.

#7. Stiga XTR Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The STIGA XTR table tennis table is one of the most loved Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Tab. It has received many positive reviews on Amazon over these past few years. It’s one of the top three most highly rated outdoor tables. 

It comes with a 6mm thick tabletop surface made of aluminnum and plastic composite, which offers plenty of ball bounce over the table. Its durability makes it perfect you can use this table in the garage backyard. Composite Storage makes it more special you can fold up very quickly and store it away. Stiga xtr table comes with a free all-weather net and post; it’s not overpriced. So if you want to buy a high-quality ping pong table, go for it.

#8. Franklin Sports Optima Mid-Size Table Tennis Table

The Franklin Sports Optima Mid-Size Table Tennis Table will fit in any space. Official height tables have a playing area roughly half the size of regulation tables at 53″x29.5″. This makes them ideal for smaller spaces and players. Easy to assemble, the table can be assembled in minutes and includes a clamp-on net. This allows you to have all you need right out of the box. The table’s advanced playing surface delivers consistent spin and bounce, while the legs are solid and durable to provide quality play year after year. Franklin Sports’ Optima Mid Size Table Tennis Tables are ideal for those who live in apartments, condos, or have limited space.

#9. Pick-Up-And-Go Table


Table Dimension: 59 x 27 x 26 inches

Total Weight: 30.1 pounds

Our rating: 7/10

Are you looking for the best budget table tennis table, then the pick-up and-go table is one of the budget-friendly tables. This is a portable ping pong table and allows you to play anywhere. You can set it up on your patio or basement or have a fun game of ping pong in your backyard. This is an excellent addition for family game nights, backyard barbecues, and play dates with friends.

The table folds down to a compact 30″Lx27″ Wx5″H and weighs only 29 lbs. It also has a handy carrying handle that you can carry with you.

The Pick-Up and-Go Portable Table Tennis is a great gift idea! This is a great gift idea for children’s birthday parties, Christmas gifts, and active toys. It can also be used for backyard or outdoor play, as well as for summer fun. So if you want a family-friendly ping pong table, then go for it.

#10. MD Sports Official Size


Indoor ping pong table dimensions: 108″L x 60″W x 30″H

Table Weight: 138.89 lbs

Playing surface: 15mm

The material used: Alloy Steel, Polyvinyl Chloride

Table Corner caps for protection

MD Sports Official Size is the best ping pong table under budget. This table will help you enhance your playing experience and enjoy table tennis games. It comes with all standard accessories you need to play the game; MD Sports Official Size includes two paddles, two balls, and net and post. The table comes with a standard durable 5/8″ top with a 1-1/8″ apron for additional support. It has waterproof PVC finish protection for the surface, and steel legs give a more solid design. You can also fold up this ping pong table and store it anywhere when it’s not in use. It comes with a playback mode that allows the player to practice table tennis alone. One more feature that I like in this table is locking casters that make the table easy to move, while corner caps protect your wall from damage, so if you want the best indoor ping pong table under $500 with good quality, then you can go for it.

Which is the best table tennis table brand?

Many brands are very popular around the world. But Stiga, butterfly, and Joola are the top brands that provide very high-quality table tennis tables.

How much is a professional ping pong table?

We have divided this into three categories. First, if you are a beginner or want to play for fun, you can choose from $150 to $400. But if you are a very serious or professional player, I would like to recommend you select your table at least $400 to $1000. The final category is luxury tables; if you have a heavy pocket or are ready to spend on luxury ping pong tables, you can choose $1000+ tables.

What is the best color for a ping pong table?

It all depends on your choice, most of the table comes in two colors, blue and gray. In sports, standard people prefer blue because eyes catch ball bounce quickly on the blue table. 

What ping pong tables do professionals use?

Professional players only use top table tennis brands such as Stiga, Butterfly, Joola, and DHS. This is because these companies do not use thinner surfaces than 22mm. A good surface provides a good amount of ball bounce over the table.

Which Indoor Table Tennis Table is Best?

Those tables are ITTF approved and come with full size 5 feet long, 2.5 feet height, and 5 feet wide table is best.

Is a 15mm ping pong table good?

My honest answer is no. Because 15mm ping pong tables do not offer a good amount of ball bounce and are bad for professional players to improve their skills, if you want a cheap ping pong table or beginner player, you can go for a 13mm to 15mm table.

What is a regulation size ping pong table?

The regular size of the table is 9ft long, wide 5ft, and height 2.9ft.

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