Harvard Edge Table Review

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Are you on a tight budget but still looking for a high-quality ping pong table? Don’t worry harvard table tennis can satisfy you, its comes in low budget with high quality.In This Harvard Edge Table Review, we prove it is durable, sturdy, and offers regular games.

The purchase of the Harvard table is the best of both worlds: high-end and affordable. It’s hard to find one that fulfills these two criteria. However, Harvard tables meet those requirements. This Harvard Sports Ping Pong Table Review post demonstrates that it is durable, sturdy, and offers regular games.

The manufacturer creates Harvard Edge tennis tables for beginner and average players.

This table comes with foldable designs that require no assembly. It comes with metal legs as well as wheels for portability and transportation.

The primary aspect you should be focusing on when you purchase this Harvard Ping Pong table is its surface thickness. What is more crucial is the thickness of the tabletop. The tabletop thickness affects bounce, which significantly affects the ping-pong game.

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In-Depth Harvard Edge Table Review

Harvard Sports Specifications

  • Shipping is within 7-14 Business Days
  • 1″ steel self-opening legs offer durability and strength
  • 1/2” tabletop that has the option of folding playback for you to play around at your own pace.
  • Can fold up to 75”H 60”W and 19”D.
  • Two double-wheel casters that provide mobility

Materials Quality

Since ping pong of mid-quality typically costs about $1000 and up, the Harvard sports ping pong table performance is good considering its cost. If you are careful when using it, you will play the table extremely long.

As we’ve said before, the company did not have the idea of professional players in mind when they designed this table. There’s no reason to try to compare it to other tables that are intended for professional use. It’s not a table that’s fragile or easily broken. But the difference is noticeable when you put it next to other tablets on the market.

It is not advisable to utilize this table in outdoor surroundings since it’s not made for all weather conditions. This table is not designed for professional use. It comes with essential components and materials.

Frame and Wheel

Another thing that marks this model as beginner’s equipment is the wheel and frame. If you’re a pro player who has played many tournament tables. If you do, you’ll notice the differences in the thickness and strength of tables’ wheels and frames.

Although it’s pretty solid by itself, the Harvard table’s frame inside isn’t similar to other tables used in tournaments. The legs are 1.5 inches in size and give players a sense of stability and security. But, they’re placed in a secluded area, which suggests that the structure could be fragile and fragile.

The final plus is that each of the four legs is well-tuned and incorporates guidelines for ensuring table balance and reducing friction on the floor across various aspects.

Additionally, it comes with locking caster wheels. It’s significantly lighter than other products, making it easier to carry around.


The best feature of the Harvard ping pong table is that it’s easy to move around. It is possible to reduce the size of your table and place it at your home garage, even in your storage. Additionally, when your legs are folded, they’ll retract themselves automatically.

If it is closed, you can utilize it as a playback option to test your abilities using this table, even if you don’t have a partner. Also, it has a 2-inch wheel that lets you swiftly move from one room to the next room.

Are you concerned that the wheel isn’t stable enough due to the wheels? Be secure knowing that the manufacturer developed a locking system included with the wheels.

We believe this table is excellent for both training and entertainment purposes and we are sure that most of you would like it.

High Durability

Anyone who plays table tennis would like to have an exquisite table user-friendly for a more extended period. The Harvard table tennis table has been made durable and designed for use, provided the users don’t misuse it with all your expectations in mind. Four legs on this ping-pong table can be extended using self-closing steel with the highest strength.


A regular table requires enormous effort to set up using Harvard’s assembly guide that can cut down 90 percent of the setup time the table can be set up quickly. Most of it has been already constructed, which needs only minimal effort.

The first set-up takes between 15 and 20 minutes. The Harvard Ping Pong Assembly procedure is easy, with clear directions to follow. We believe that anyone can accomplish it without the help of other people.


  • Affordable It is the most important aspect of this table compared to rivals. Everybody wants a product that comes at a low price and without extra charges. This fantastic Harvard ping pong table is less expensive than other products available.
  • Long-term usage players can utilize this for a long duration. The legs are constructed from self-closing steel, and other components are built from top-quality materials, which means that players will use this equipment for a long time.
  • Tabletops quality is high: It is among the best tables available. Its structure and design will ensure the best experience for your customers. Its features are in line with the standards of the International Table Association and give players an enjoyable experience. It is highly secure for long-term use, making it a fantastic table for practice at an affordable cost.
  • Portable: This Harvard sports ping pong table makes highly demanded products in the market. This can be easily folded and moved using the wheel on the lower. It can also be reduced to a smaller size to be stored and transported whenever you want. It can be packed in a container and stored wherever you want.


  • Lower bounce The amount of the ball’s bounce during a ping-pong game is essential. The amount of bounce and the ball’s movement is mainly dependent on the tabletop quality. The more thin surface means less bounce it will have and, therefore, less professional game quality.

Conclusion: Harvard Edge Table Review

In the end, we recommend not buying this item if you are a severe tournament player because the table’s surface is too thin. This means you could get a poor-quality bounce, and you could be disappointed. For a bit of dollar more, you can get an even better Ping Pong table, and we suggest looking at an alternative table like the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis table or the STIGA Advantage instead.

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