How Much Space Needed For Ping Pong Table?

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The ping pong game is getting more famous these days. It’s an indoor game that just about everyone can play and helps you to maintain fitness. But before buying a ping pong table, you must know how much space needed for ping pong table? What room size is needed? The short answer is it depends on the different types of players.

This article will discuss “how much space for ping pong table” so let’s start without wasting your time.

How Big is a Table Tennis Table?

First we need to know the standard ping pong table size in feet? The standard size of table tennis table is 9 long and 5 long.

The net extends up to 6″ on either side of the table, so if you’re in a space-limited situation, you can remove the net when you’re not playing (but do be sure to put it back before your next match).

Do you need a regulation size table?

Don’t have much room to spare? If you going to play for fun; a mini or small table is easier to store and fit into smaller rooms. But they tend to develop bad habits, as you’ll learn to hit the ball softer to avoid missing the table. If you have any goal of improving your game, you need a full-size table.

Still not sure which table you should buy? Please go and check out our best ping pong tables buying guide.

What size room do I need for a Table Tennis Table?

Ever watch a professional game? You’ve probably noticed that the pros players always spend their time around the table. 

That’s because international tournaments use a huge court area that measures 46 feet by 23 feet.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t have anywhere near that much space for your indoor table. Most beginners and recreational players spend their time at the baseline, so they need less space to move back or to the side.

There’s nothing wrong with this, of course—playing close to the table is great for developing control, and it means you don’t need a mansion to play a fun game of table tennis.

I have divided room space according to the ping pong player’s skills.

  • Players who are beginners and recreational. It is the absolute minimum to play casually will be 17’x11′. It is possible to negotiate the length, so long as you’re not afraid of falling off the wall at times but 11” is the minimum requirement to play a decent game. In actuality, most players need the length of 19 inches to ensure they don’t feel restricted.
  • Athletes who are trying to improve their game If you’re beginning to improve your game of table tennis, it will require more space for your shots. The minimum space for ping pong table is  22,15′ is a good starting point.
  • For coaching or serious training, When you begin playing the game with more serious intent, the size of a room that is 38’x13′ is probably required. It doesn’t mean you won’t make progress with a smaller area. However, you’ll be restricted in your training.
  • Tournament play Local tournaments typically play around 30-by-16-foot. National tournaments are bigger, with about 40’x20′. It’s not enough for training; however, it is a good indication of the amount of space required by the top players.

Room Floor Type

Internationally the flooring of tables tennis courts is typically constructed with the material fiberglass. You wouldn’t want to play on tile or floors that could cause a trip at any time.

Many firms can help you arrange your flooring if you can afford it. If not, laying flooring mats or carpets will at the very least keep the ankles from being injured.

How Much Ceiling Height Do You Need For A Ping Pong Table

It can be messy at times. When you set up your table in a particular room, ensure that you’re not swinging in the air by chandeliers or dim lamps, etc.

It could be highly frustrating if play is constantly blocked. Therefore, it is recommended to have an open air space of 2 meters to prevent game stoppages.

Final Thoughts: How Much Room For A Ping Pong Table

It’s time to wrap up how much space is needed for a ping pong table. There are many other options available for small rooms. You can buy mini ping pong tables that will consume less space. But if you are a serious player who wants to improve their game, go with a full-size ping pong table.

If you are still stuck for indoor space for your ping pong game, I recommend you go with the best outdoor table tennis tables. I hope this guide will help you buy your dream table, don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts. We love to hear you.


Can I keep the indoor table for ping-pong outside the home?

Although, you can play with your table tennis tables indoors outside of the house but only for a short period. We do not recommend using them outside as they could cause damage to the tabletop when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, it is important that you bring them back inside once you’ve finished the game.

How high is Table Tennis table above on the floor?

The table tennis table is about 2 feet 6 inches higher than the ground. In addition, it is about 6 inches.

How much space will you require to set up a ping-pong table?

To avoid any incidents during the game, it is recommended that the dimensions of the space are not less than 19 feet long and 11 feet wide. This is the perfect size for a ping-pong table the table is full size and has the ideal space to accommodate a ping-pong table.

What is the weight that a table of ping-pong hold?

 The entire ping-pong table can accommodate upwards of 450 pounds. However, it is important to ensure the table is maintained for long-term use.

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