How To Clean Ping Pong Paddle: The Definitive Guide

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The right ping pong racket is very important in-game. A fantastic tennis bat has good hand grip, speed, spins, and control over the ball. Once you pick the right paddle, you also need to take care of this because it quickly accumulates with dust, dirt, and sweat from your hands when you play. So you should know everything about how to clean ping pong paddle.

How To Clean ping pong paddle: The definitive guide

In this definitive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about ping paddle cleaning. But if you think you need to change your paddle, you can check out our top paddle buying guide.

Let’s dig in!

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Why is Ping Pong Paddle Cleaning Important?

A clean paddle can generate good spins and control over the ball’s shots. Daily it would be best if you cleaned your ping pong paddle because dusty and dirty paddles lost their springiness and better grip ability. It doesn’t matter your paddles are new or build with the best quality.

But it’s also essential to know how to clean paddles properly and which product use for cleaning or not.

If you take proper care of your ping pong paddle, then it does not only make your paddle sticky and shiny, but you can use it for a long time. You don’t need to change your paddle again and again. 

What to avoid when cleaning your paddle?

Ping pong paddle surface is made of rubber, so we need to clean very carefully. If you use anything to clean your paddle, then it makes your paddle degrade and damage the rubber. 

Ping pong paddle hrash cleaning

Sometimes we start using bleach and vinegar to clean our paddles. But they are very harsh and harmful, make degrade racket rubber.

You should not use soaps and detergents on your paddle unless they are specially made for ping pong paddle cleaning because all soups are not for paddle cleaning.

Racket cleaning with Abrasive scrubbers

Never try to use an abrasive scrubber on your ping pong paddle. If you use this to clean your paddle, then it’s very harsh for your paddle and rubber will off by using this scrubber. 

For cleaning tennis racket you can use smooth toothbrush, or clothes. It will helps to keep shiny and pervant of paddle rubber damage.

What can I use to clean my ping pong paddle?

Here are some tips and recommendations for cleaning your paddle and keep your paddle sticky.

#1 Dry Cloth

This may be an expensive way to clean and keep maintain your tennis table bat. You can use any dry and smooth cloth that you have in your house. Wipe it very gently over the ping pong paddle surface without go to hard. You can clean your paddle before and after playing the game

This is good but not a permanent solution, ensure that your bat always free from dust and dirt. For keep your paddle free from dust, you can buy small smooth dry cloth online. Always carry this dry cloth in your ping pong kit so that you can clean anytime your paddles.

#2 Special Sponge

This is another best way to keep your ping pong paddle clean and maintained for a long time. And it’s not very expensive, take a sponge and dampen in the water or commercial paddle cleaner and wipe it on ping pong paddle surface very gently.

One thing keep in your mind. Don’t scrub sponge on paddle too hard let sponge suck all dirt, oil, sweat, and other dust contaminants from your ping pong paddle. 

You can use any sponge that is available in your home like you can use a kitchen sponge. But I personally recommend you to go with special commercial spongs that are made for cleaning and maintaining your ping pong paddle.

#3 Toothbrush

The toothbrush is the best option to clean and maintain your ping pong paddle. It’s easily available at home anywhere. 

Dip into the cool or warm water and clean gently your ping pong bat. But don’t go so hard it can damage your ping pong rubber. 

Apart from this, there are some easily available products that you can use for clean ping pong paddles. 

Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner For Cleaning Your Paddle?

There are two my favorite commercial cleaners that you can use for keep clean ping pong paddles. 

  • Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

This Racket Care Kit is a great choice for cleaning ping pong paddle. In this care kit you will get two components 1 is ping pong paddle cleaner and 1 tennis rubber cleaner sponge.

The ping pong cleaner bottle comes in 150 ml sized. Just one pump of the cleanser helps to removes all dust and oil from the rubber surface of the ping pong paddle.

Ping pong racket cleaner sponge comes with smooth and softy absorbents side that helps to clean debris and dust and increase the tackiness of ping pong paddle.  

This ping pong cleaner is the great value of money. You can use Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit more the 125 times for clean your ping pong paddle both side. 

  • MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Care Kit

MightySpin care kit also great option for clean your ping pong paddle. In this kit you get again two components 1 is cleaner and 2nd is sponge.

Just one little pump from the bottle on the white side of the sponge and wipe the paddle gently its remove all the dust and oil from the rubber surface.

This care kit helps you to keep brand new condition and increase the ping pong paddle lifetime. 

Cleaning ping pong paddle with alcohol?

Cleaning ping pong paddle with alcohol is a great way to fight sticky residue but its not a permanent solution for cleaning paddles with alcohol. If you daily use alcohol to clean ping pong paddle then it can dry and degrade your paddle that you don’t want. So, you can only use alcohol in some timespan, not regular cleaning basis.

How often should you clean your ping pong paddle?

One of the common question comes in our mind how often should clean our ping pong paddle. But it also depend on how much you play tennis.

If you play tennis table game daily basis then you should clean your ping pong paddle at least one or two months.

However, you are not regular player of tennis game then you should clean your ping pong paddle in 3 to 4 months.

If you still doubt when you need to clean your paddles. Then there is one more way to know the right time to clean. When you feel your paddle dusty and no more sticky or you can’t able to hit proper shots, then its right time to clean the ping pong paddle and make it again sticky.

Other Helpful Products

The simple tips to keep clean and safe your ping pong paddle for a long time you should use case or cover. If you use the case or cover then your paddle safe from UV damage and dust. 

Final Thoughts: About How To Clean Ping Pong Paddle

Buying the best ping pong paddle is not only the great solution of playing a good game. Tennis table raket always need cleaning and care its dos not matter how premium it is.

Always remember the ping pong paddle rubber always damaged if you not do proper care.

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