Top 5 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

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I’m very excited to do the most expensive ping pong paddle review. 

As you know, table tennis games get more expensive when you achieve the advanced level. If you are a serious player or want to level up your game, you must choose an expensive table tennis bat. So that you can get more spin and quick shots to dominate your opponent. 

Premium ping pong paddles come with very high-quality materials and modern technologies. Top brands are working hard with new technologies to push the boundaries and provide you with the best quality bats.

Today, I will expose the most expensive ping pong paddles to help you choose your dream paddle. 

Let’s start

Top 5 Most most expensive ping pong paddle

#1. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade


Brand: Butterfly

The material used: Bryce High-Speed rubber 

Paddle Performance: Speed 100, Spin 85, Control 75

Frame Material: Super ZL carbon fiber

The world’s leading table tennis manufacturer, Butterfly, makes the most expensive Ping-Pong paddle. It’s Zhang Jike Super ZLC offers an excellent value for what it is priced at.

It comes with the unique zylon carbon-fiber technology developed by Butterfly. This material improves the paddle’s strength and flexibility to allow more comfortable playing.

It’s Bryce high-speed rubbers enhance this top-quality racket further. They directly increase tension in the rubber which increases rebound by up to 18%.

Additionally, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC paddle is equipped with an ultra-thin upper sheet. It allows the ball to hit the rubber surface more frequently. This allows it to be easier to perform spinning shots.

With all the features mentioned, considering these features, I’m able to say that this racket for pro-line is better suited for offensive players. Microlayer technology lets players play table tennis games with a lot of aggression.

If this is your primary playing technique, you should save the money to purchase this racket for table tennis. It’s worth it when you consider the high-end quality of this racket.

#2. Butterfly Viscaria Pro-Line Ping Pong Racket


Paddle Brand: Butterfly

Paddle Weight: 87 grams

Rubber Used: Tenergy 05 2. 1mm

Material Used: Arylate and carbon

This Viscaria Pro-Line is one of Butterfly’s most popular Table tennis rackets.

The first thing to note is that this top Ping-Pong paddle comprises Arylat fiber and carbon fiber construction. These materials are extremely fast without compromising balance and control.

Butterfly’s Viscaria blade is also equipped with a head that is compact and comprised of arylate carbon and wood. The unique design of the blade helps make it light and extensible. It also assists in delivering faster loops.

Additionally, this costly paddle is also very effective in shock absorption capabilities. It can deliver strong shots with ease and accuracy.

Finally, it utilizes Tenergy 05 rubber to produce topspin play in the vicinity of or away from the ping-pong table. It’s the perfect table tennis racket for those who need to be agile and light.

Overall all, it’s a good choice overall. Viscaria Pro-Line suits professionals and skilled players with high-intensity playing styles. You should consider purchasing this blade to increase your abilities and win games.

#3. DHS Hand Assembled Professional Table Tennis Racket

Brand Name: DHS

Rubber Used: DHS Neo Inorganic Hurricane 3

ITTF Approved: Yes, you can use it in official matches

Accessories include: Table Tennis bag, one guard side, two rubber sleeve

DHS is only one of the brands that could be considered one of the top brands in table tennis. If you’re searching for a hand-constructed racket for table tennis (but you don’t wish to make it by yourself), then the DHS is the best choice to meet your requirements.

For a quite affordable price, you’ll receive a Hurricane long five-blade with DHS Neo Hurricane 3 and the STIGA Mantra-H rubbers.

What’s unique about the blade used in this paddle is used by professionals in table tennis Chinese Malone.

This set is ideal for offensive players who like speed and power and spin over control. It may take some time to use this paddle; however, you’ll feel like an unstoppable force once you’ve done it.

#4. Killerspin Stilo7 SVR – Limited Edition

Brand Name: Killerspin

Layers: 6 carbon fiber, glass fiber, and Kiri wood

Rubber used: Nitrix

Color Available: Black

Our next most expensive table tennis paddle is Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition.

It is made of a carbon fiber blade and highly-performance Nitrix Rubbers. This makes it the fastest ping-pong paddle on the planet.

The Stilo7 SVR is also a lightweight design and will quickly adapt to any playing style.

This table tennis racket is top-quality and offers a comfortable and secure grip thanks to its flared handle.

True to the brand’s vision, The Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition does add design to the game. Its minimalist black design appears modern and sleek.

Also, Killerspin includes a protective custom storage case that comes with the box. It is possible to store your paddle when you’re not in the game or carry it to any location with you.

Overall Overall, it’s a great product. Stilo7 SVR limited Edition paddle offers excellent control, power, and performance all in one box. This is a racket worth considering when you’re looking to the next level.

#5. Killerspin Diamond TC Premium

Killerspin’s Diamond TC RTG Racket is famous not only because of its high price but also due to its fantastic performance.

This paddle is certified by ITTF and is constructed to be professional and enhance your game. It has Fortissimo rubber on the surface to provide strength and control.

This rubber material can also improve shot accuracy. It lets you shoot in any direction with the utmost ease. Of course, it is the most important factor to achieve this.

In terms of the blade, it is made of two titanium carbons and five top wood layers. The unique body design provides strength and stability.

Furthermore, the Killerspin Diamond offers two handle styles to accommodate gamers with diverse preferences. The one with an angle is more effective in generating impact, and the flat one gives more control.

It also comes with an individual memory book that can be used for recording scores or signatures. The book can also be used as a case to store your paddle.

With all of these attributes to consider, I believe the additional cost for this racket is well worth it. It will ultimately improve your ability to play.

Why Are Ping Pong Paddles So Expensive?

So, you’ve probably read the list of best ping pong paddles and are wondering why they’re so expensive. It’s a fair question.

There are excellent reasons for the steep prices. The following factors make ping pong paddles costly:

Sure, you can pick up a ping pong paddle at Walmart for $15, but if you’re serious about the game, you’ll want a paddle that will last through intense training sessions. And those paddles aren’t cheap!

So why are ping pong paddles so expensive? Here are four reasons why:

1. The way they are manufactured is not cheap

Ping pong paddles contain three basic parts: blade, sponge, and rubber. Each one is made from various materials that increase its cost.

2. The wood in blades makes them expensive

The wood in the blades of ping pong paddles is not sourced cheaply. The manufacturers must use higher quality wood to ensure that the blade will last longer and perform better in matches.

3. Sponge is expensive because it’s made from natural materials

The sponge is also made from natural materials. It costs more to produce and ship than synthetic materials would be less expensive per unit than something synthetic like plastic or rubber. This makes sponges more costly overall when compared with synthetic materials like plastic or rubber (which are cheaper per unit).

4. Rubber lasts longer than other materials, so it costs more upfront but saves money over time

The pieces are bonded with standard tennis brand glues, such as Butterfly, DHS, and Donic. Many kinds of glue used can increase the cost of the rackets.

When the pieces have been fused, the maker will test the blades. They conduct this test to ensure that the ping-pong paddle is safe. Testing involves operational expenses, including equipment and staff training, which add to the total cost of the racket.


Another reason why these ping-pong paddles cost so much is because of the brand names they carry.

Butterfly makes the most expensive tennis racket on this list. It’s, as mentioned earlier, the top manufacturer of equipment for table tennis and has served the market for over 60 years.

The butterfly is the only brand that uses the highest quality materials to create continuously high-performance rackets. This is what has made the brand a hit with professional and advanced players across the globe. This is the reason for their price for table tennis gear.

Apart from Butterfly, I have listed other expensive rackets made by the top brands in addition to Butterfly. They blend premium materials with top-of-the-line technology to provide the finest paddles available. Their value is the reason they are so expensive.

Is Buying an Expensive Ping Pong Paddle Worth It?

It’s worth it! A high-end paddle for ping pong can improve your playing. It helps you win matches with ease.

I’m not saying that costly rackets are necessarily superior to lower-cost ones. I have a few inexpensive ping pong paddles that perform just as well as expensive ones.

But, as previously mentioned, more expensive paddles use higher-quality materials and advanced technology. They provide more performance, speed, and balance than lower-cost equivalents. They also provide longevity and reliability.

However, the quality of your game isn’t just dependent on the equipment you choose to use. Don’t expect to improve in minutes using these costly Ping-Pong paddles. It is still essential to work at.

This is why I do not recommend these rackets to be professional and intermediate players. Beginning players can begin with less expensive paddles and then upgrade when they get more proficient at playing.

Are the most expensive rubbers Are they worth it?

We find the same pattern when we review the most highly rated rubbers.

Butterfly’s two most loved series, Tenergy, and Dignics, are twice as expensive as its primary rivals. 26 rubbers are priced higher than $60, and 21 of them are made by Butterfly.

In terms of review scores, Dignics 80 is the only Butterfly rubber to make it within the top 10. But there isn’t single rubber that even can come close to the value of Dignics within this range.

As I said, I generally think anything in the top 20 is in line with the rest of them. This is why the extra 35 dollars or so feels unwise.

Are the most expensive blades Are they worth it?

The first step is to examine the blades. This is the area where Butterfly excels in the expensive area. Various blades are available for several hundred dollars, while other brands offer only the smallest selection.

The 3 most expensive blades, aside from Butterfly and the Butterfly, include the JOOLA Vyzaryz Triple, The JOOLA The Energon Super PBO, and the JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid. They cost $274.95, $269.95, and $249.95 in the respective price ranges at writing. Much less than the prices Butterfly costs.

It is interesting to note that Butterfly and JOOLA are the two only companies that provide blades for Megaspin that are above the $200 mark..

However, JOOLA sells only 4 items in the same place, Butterfly sells 30. There’s no way of determining who the top supplier is. Butterfly’s premium blades are priced more, and they outdo JOOLA in the number of blades they create.

If we can examine the overall ratings of the blades by reviewers, we can see many lower-cost options that score similar to the higher-end Butterfly blades.

As you can observe, there are numerous blades with a rating of 9.7 and 9.6 overall. In particular, the Jun Mizutani Super ZLC is one of them. However, take a look at the price to the left. The Mizutani blade costs twice the price of the majority of other blades.

In light of the subjective nature of reviewing the quality of a blade, I’d say that each blade is slightly in line with one another terms of their quality. Thus, spending around $150 isn’t to be worth it.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

You’ve probably chosen to purchase an expensive Ping-Pong paddle. If you’re not sure which one to buy, do not worry!

Below, I’ve listed some of the key elements to be considered when choosing the ideal racket.

Level of Experience

Before you purchase a ping pong paddle, take your experience playing. The rule of thumb is to pick the right racket for your abilities and level of play.

The paddles that are top of the line were designed with the professional in mind, so they’re not easy to play with when you’re only beginning to learn how to play.

It’s not sensible to purchase them when you’re an entry-level player. Instead, you should stick with beginner rackets.

Suppose you’re comfortable with the basics and want to improve your equipment. You’ll see a dramatic improvement in your performance with an investment racket.

Playing Style

Each paddle is designed with distinct specifications that allow it to adapt to different play styles.

To attack, you need to buy rackets with smaller blades. They will allow you to execute more effective offensive moves because they have great speed.

But if you’re a defensive player, choose a dense paddle instead. You’ll have better control with the right blade.

Blade Material

Blades typically contain different substances like wood and carbon fiber.

In addition, it is the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) requires that the blade is at minimum 85percent wood. Other components should comprise less than 7.5 percent of the blade.

The structure material determines the stability of the paddle and can affect your playing style. Therefore, make sure you choose the correct equipment.

A ping paddle with carbon fiber provides a consistent bounce and precision. Both Butterfly Zhang Jike and Killerspin Stilo7 SVR contain carbon fiber in their blades.


The blade is attached to the handle. There are a variety of handles available, and it’s your choice to select which one is best suited to your style of play.

Flared handle The most popular kind of handle is preferred by both professionals and beginners alike. The centre of gravity is close than the handle, and it firmly holds the paddle in your hand. This makes it ideal for players who are dominant in their forehands.

Straight handle – It’s more balanced with the head and offers more flexibility. It is ideal for dominant backhand players who frequently change their grips during games. But, it is more challenging to manage.

Penhold handle – This kind of handle is smaller to be used by players using the pen’s grip. It provides a huge talent for the wrist, making it perfect for forehand strikes. Making backhand spins with this grip can be difficult, however.

The handle is anatomic – It comes with the shape of a wave to give the best security and comfort. It is ideal for players with no-change grips and hitting the ball further away from the table. However, it’s not great for looping and long-distance.

Ping pong paddles that are expensive, like Killerspin’s Diamond Kido 7P and TC, can be purchased in straight or flared handles. You should think about checking them out.


The rubber you use determines how you use a ping pong paddle. It can be classified into four kinds:

Smooth Inverted rubber It has smooth surfaces to offer various spins and speeds. This is by far the most well-known kind of rubber.

Short Pips, also known as “pimpled” rubber, has a smaller touch surface than the ball. It provides better control; however, it has less spin. It is excellent to block, hit, and counter-attacks.

Short Pips rubber will hold the ball more tightly than a short pip. It can turn the rotation of an opponent, which makes it suitable to defend.

Anti-spin – This is a kind that is smooth rubber with less friction. It cannot hold the ball in place, which means you can counter attacks with only a little spin. It suits defensive plays.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stick with only one rubber. You can get rackets with two distinct rubber coatings on either side. This will improve your game.

Sponge Thickness

The sponge can affect how fast the ball travels when it comes into contact with the rubber.

The bigger the sponge, the more powerful the paddle gets.

In addition, a smaller sponge can slow your ball’s bounce. It allows you to have the time to react and thus allowing you to take greater control.

Because of this, the thicker sponge is ideal for playing offensively, whereas the thin sponge is perfect for defense.


Choose an appropriate racket with a hybrid blade if speed is important to your game. Be aware that the paddle should be five-blade layers of material for fast-paced competitions.

Wooden blades reinforced with carbon fiber or titanium carbon give more incredible speed to the ball. This material will allow you to play with more aggression.

For the sponge itself, it must be strong enough to perform effective rebounds.

Take a look at your options with the Butterfly Viscaria FL Pro-Line Tennis Racket for fast-paced games.


Are you looking to perform excellent tennis spins with ease? Select a racket for ping pong with sticky rubber. The tackier it is, the easier it is to throw spins.

In addition to the rubber, think about the blade. Ensure that the blade has sufficient thickness to absorb the ball’s impact yet gives enough flexibility for spins.

The Butterfly’s Zhang Jike Super ZLC is an excellent choice to generate spins within the game.


Think about using a paddle with an easy blade if you’re a controlled athlete. You should look for a 100% wood design to take on more impact. It’s also helpful to have a thicker sponge for more grip.

A majority of the costly Ping-Pong paddles listed have excellent control. I highly recommend Killerspin Stilo7 SVR if you are looking for a balance between control speed, speed, and spin.

What is the difference between table tennis and Pong?

Ping pong and table tennis are two games that have the same name. But, the majority of people use to use the phrase “table tennis” to refer to the competitive aspect of the sport. Ping is more of an everyday game played in the home and is played in a social, informal manner.

What is the reason why a ping paddle has two colors?

It is possible to notice that specific paddles for ping pong have two colors, specifically red and black. They are merely a way to promote fair play.

It is the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) requires it to decide the portion of the paddle the opponent uses. This is because many players use different rubbers on the opposite side of the paddle to perform different shots.

How thick is the suggested thickness of the sponge for the ping-pong paddle?

It’s based on your personal preferences.

If you are a bit aggressive in your kind of game, you should choose the thicker sponge (preferably 2.0mm or more) for the rubber.

If you want to play all-around, Consider a rubber thickness of 1.5mm-1.9mm. You’ll experience moderate bounce speed with it, which will give you greater control.

The most expensive paddle for ping?

At the time of writing, the most expensive paddle for ping pong comes from that of the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Racket. It’s priced at $525.97.

How can I get these expensive ping-pong paddles?

You can purchase these ping-pong paddles by clicking the links on this site.

Conclusion: Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

Now its time to give final words to most expensive ping pong paddles. My favorite Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC paddle but you can choose any paddle from the given above list. All are very high quality paddles and you’ll see an improvement in your table tennis game.

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