10 Best Ping Pong Paddle Cases In 2022

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Table tennis is the most popular indoor and outdoor game these days. After completing a game, I’ve seen many players put their paddles anywhere without protection. Tennis bats can be pretty expensive, and only serious players know the importance of a table tennis case. A best ping pong paddle case helps protect your paddle from breaking or conducting with dust. 

I know tons of products are available in the market, and it is tough to choose the best one. Don’t worry; I did research and curated top table tennis paddle covers that will help you to make the right decision.

Let’s dive in!

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List Of 10  Best Ping Pong Paddle Cases

#1. Eastfield Original Ping Pong Paddle Case


Material High-quality fabric

Capacity 1 racket

Dimension: 12-inch x 9.5-inch x 0.8-inch

Our top paddle case would be this stunning one by British Table Tennis brand Eastfield. It’s constructed from top-quality fabric that gives it durability and a beautiful design. Available in 2 sizes: double and double. Make sure to purchase the right size. Also available are three colors (we prefer the black version).

Paddle bags provide the best protection and are superior to tight-fitting cases because they do not rub against rubber, could cause damage, and can create greater harm than benefit. This is why this is the best paddle case you can buy for the price.

#2. JOOLA Pocket Table Tennis Bat Cover


Material: High-quality nylon

Capacity 1 racket and 2 balls

Dimension: 13-inch x 8.3-inch x 1.2-inch

Our second choice for paddle cases is this one by the world-renowned table tennis brand, JOOLA. It’s light and compact, made with high-end nylon, which means it’s tough and is ideal to ensure your paddle is safe. The space is only enough for one racket; however, you’ll be able to put two balls in. We are very impressed with how well-padded inside of this case feels and is extremely safe. Also, it comes in 2 shades: green and blue, which aren’t very appealing but do the job effectively.

#3. Killerspin Hard Table Tennis Paddle Bag


Material Semi-rigid polyester

Capacity 2 paddles

Dimension: 11-inch x 7-inch x 2-inch

Third on the list is this case made by Killerspin. This is a case made with semi-rigid polyester, which makes it extremely durable and will make sure your paddle is safe inside the case. It’s big enough to hold two rackets and comes with elastic to secure them in the case. It’s not made to hold ping-pong balls, but some customers said they could squeeze a few Ping-Pong balls into the case with the handles. We like the style and believe this is one of the most beautiful cases on Amazon.

#4. STIGA Paddle Ping Pong Paddle Case


Material: Durable Vinyl

Capacity 2 racket

Dimension: 11-inch x 8-inch x 4-inch

If you’re looking to save money, this case for paddles from STIGA is a great alternative. It’s made of high-quality vinyl and, despite being an extremely soft case, is quite robust to ensure your bats are in good condition even when not in use. You can just pick one like these for those looking for an easy, no thrills solution to keep moisture and dust out. One thing we think it might need is a handle. It’s not the type of case we’d suggest if you’re traveling to different places and the case is likely to remain inside your backpack.

#5. JOOLA Tour Carrying Case


Material Hard Case made of plastic with inside EVA foam-lined

Capacity 2 rackets and 18 balls

Dimension: 12-inch x 8-inch x 4-inch

Then, we’ll have this high-quality hard case made by JOOLA. It’s extremely sturdy and will ensure that your bats are kept safe. Inside, it’s coated with extremely dense EVA foam to keep your paddles snugly in position. Remember that there aren’t all paddles identical in size, so you may need to cut the foam slightly bigger to accommodate your particular. The unique feature of this set is that it can hold 18 tennis table tennis balls, which can be included (although they’re not the greatest quality).

#6. Killerspin Barracuda Carry Case


Material Material: Polyester fabric and well-padded

Capacity 1 racket and 3-4 balls

Dimension: 13-inch x 9-inch x 3-inch

In the sixth spot is another one of Killerspin: The Barracuda. It’s constructed of durable polyester that’s comfortable and well-padded to ensure your paddle remains secure and safe. The one side of the case is a bag to put ping pong balls in, which is an excellent feature considering that there are always balls missing! Similar to the other case from Killerspin, Bats, in this case, are secured with an elastic strap, which helps keep them from falling off when opening the case. The biggest issue we face with this particular case is that it may be difficult to get the paddles inside and out. Also, the elastic strap may catch on the rubber when there are two bats inside. We recommend this for storing one paddle, and should you wish to hold two, you should consider an alternative case.

#7. Duplex Ping Pong Paddle Case


Waterproof material Nylon

Capacity: 1-racket & 3-balls

Dimension: 12.5-inch x 8-inch x 3-inch

If you’re looking for an outdoor table tennis rackets cover, this one from Duplex might be a great alternative. It’s constructed with strong and durable nylon that’s completely waterproof (although I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in the sun). It has a lovely retro style that we love but may not suit everyone’s preferences. It can hold one paddle and a couple of balls with plenty of foam padding to make sure it’s secure. The case also comes with a wrist strap, making carrying it a little more comfortable. One thing we don’t like is that the zipper isn’t of the highest quality, which we’ve seen often on paddle cases.

#8. JOOLA Aluminum Table Tennis Bat Case


Heavy-duty material Aluminum

Capacity: 1-racket & 3-balls

Dimension: 12.4-inch x 9.5-inch x 2.5-inch

Finally, we are also offering our JOOLA aluminium case. This is another hard case that is always great and gives the paddle an extra layer of protection. It’s still quite light, and inside it’s well-padded with foam that your rackets can fit into. However, you may need to cut it more to fit your bat if you have an especially large one. It’s enough space for one bat; however, you can also put three balls.

#9. SelfTek Waterproof Table Tennis Bat Bag


Dimensions: Approx. 29.5 x 19.5 x 5.5 cm

The weight: 3.21 ounces

Color Black

Sport Type: Table Tennis

Material: Polyester Oxford Fabric 600D

The most convenient cover for the paddle ping pong is made specifically for travel and outdoor playing. It has a wrist strap that is stitched near the zipper to allow easy handling. There is also an area designed to store balls, making it an ideal and flexible cover for a ping pong set.

Resistant to water means that you won’t have to worry now if any liquid or water drops on the cover. Since this ping pong paddle cover is waterproof. Additionally, it is made of material that can withstand weather conditions and dirt.

Large Space The cover lets you store 1 table tennis racket and 3 balls. Additionally, you can store one of your tennis paddles and three balls and some other items like keys, mobiles, etc.

The Smooth Zipper Smooth Zipper is now easy to open the classic black cover with just your fingers since the cover is smooth and has a well-ordered zipper function, which is constructed of stainless with top-quality steel.

#10. Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle Case


Dimensions L x W H 11.5 x 6.7 and 0.6 inches

Weight: 0.09 kg

Color: Black

Sport Type: Table Tennis

180-degree opening cover Open your ping pong set’s classic cover 180 degrees to allow easy installation of accessories. There is no need to be touching the rubber cover; simply open the cover completely. Furthermore, it can hold the capacity to store one Ping-Pong paddle.

Guaranteed Coverage: Idoraz is an eminent brand taking the care of the paddle the max with this protective cover. Ping paddle cases are sold with a 3-month warranty that ensures you’ll have a long-lasting performance.

Cushions of Foams The cushion of this unique designed paddle case have been packed with foam. The foam cushions are filled with air. They help ensure that your paddle is safe and secure from damage.

Step by Step Table Tennis Bat Cases Buying Guide

There are several kinds of bat cases for table tennis bats on the market. However, deciding which one is ideal and will meet your needs could be a challenge. To assist you in making the right choice, we’ve made an easy guide that covers some of the various choices to help you pick the best case for your needs.

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What is the reason you require a case?

The most important thing you do not want is for your brand new Ping-Pong paddle to get damaged because of something which could have been easily avoided. Here are some of the main reasons we recommend purchasing cases for your table tennis bat.

1. It helps keep your paddle in good condition.

To get the most results from the racket, you must always ensure that it is clean. It is important to prevent dust from getting into the rubbers since it can lose its tackiness (stickiness), and you will not be able to generate the same amount of spin. To learn more about maintaining your paddle in top condition, check out our guide on cleaning your ping pong paddle.

2. It is protected from water and the sun.

Moisture is another issue you should be aware of, and stay away from your paddle. Make sure your paddle is away from water and damp since the wood used in the bat is not designed to be wet. A small amount of water while cleaning your paddle is fine but be sure to dry it after you’re done.

It also shields it from the sun’s UV rays, which could make the rubber decrease in quality over time, while the color of the wood will fade.

3. It is easy to carry

It’s not difficult, but having a protective case for your bat is practical when playing in different places. It protects it from dust and liquids and also provides some protection against knocks that happen.

Different kinds of cases to be considered.

There are many different types of paddle cases available, and each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine some of the most popular ones.

Racket-shaped cases

The racket-shaped cases have been designed to be compact. They are simple to carry around, and the bat cannot slide around inside the case. The downside to this kind of case for paddles is that the edges of the case could be quite near your paddle’s rubber and could damage the rubber, particularly if your case is moved in a too frequent way. The ideal is for there to be a space between the case and the paddle to keep it from being pushed into the paddle’s rubber-like.

Ping Pong Paddle bags

These bags for paddles are a better choice to think about since they do not come with edges that we’ve just discussed above regarding racket-shaped cases. Your paddles are more secure inside these bags, but there will be a little additional space, and your paddle can move around a bit inside the bag.

Double bat holders

If you are playing with the other player (or carry an extra racket), you’ll need bags that can carry two paddles. It’s more practical this way, but be sure the bag has compartments designed to accommodate two paddles. You shouldn’t be able to squeeze two bats into a bag designed for just one.

Cases with ball holders

Many cases can be used to carry ping-pong balls. If that’s something you’d like to have, make sure you get one with an area specifically for balls and don’t attempt to place them in. You can also purchase special ball cases such as this one:

Other things to be considered

Cases with hard paddles against soft cases

If you are a player in many different places, we suggest getting a sturdy case. Ping pong paddles aren’t exactly the strongest thing globally, and even a small strike can damage the bat. However, if you keep the bat at home and don’t anticipate traveling a lot, an easy case might be ideal for shielding it from dust and keeping it safe from humidity.

Do you require a handle?

A few of the cases we’ve reviewed above do not have handles. Don’t presume that they all do, and if you’re interested in a case with handles, look up the specifications before making your buy.


As with most things in life, the more money you spend, the higher quality you can be sure of. This is the same with the paddle case. We’ve tried to provide cases that are priced reasonably without compromising quality. However, it is also dependent on the cost of your Ping Pong paddle. We will not suggest you purchase the ping pong case that is priced higher than the bat you own!

Popular Brands

We recommend purchasing cases from a known and respected table tennis company. Our top choices are brands such as STIGA, JOOLA, Killerspin, or Eastfield.

What Type Of Ping Pong Paddle Cases To Avoid?

Before we dive into the highly subjective question of which are the most compelling cases of ping-pong paddles, let us be clear on the what kinds of cases to avoid.:

1. Ball Pouch on Top

Table tennis cases with a bag for balls (or pockets for items other than a ping-pong paddle) placed on top should be avoided. Place tennis ball directly onto the surface of the paddle can exert pressure point-wise on the paddle’s surface, causing damage to the rubber over time, creating depressions, which then are then a permanent mark across the top of the ping-pong paddle.

2. Tight Fitting

Cases with tight fittings must be avoided as they can damage edges areas of the paddle. I don’t like an elongated case over a Ping Pong racket-shaped case, as a tight-fitting rectangular case can damage any paddle edges. Therefore, the best advice would be to avoid cases with tight fittings.

3. No Handle or Strap

Additionally, it is not recommended to buy the ping-pong paddle case without the strap or handle used to carry them. Without a strap or carry handle, the person carrying the case accidentally presses his fingers against the surface of the ping paddle, which presses the rubber and possibly damages the edge of the paddle.

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