Top 5 Best Mini Ping Pong Tables In 2022

Are you a table tennis lover but don’t have much space at your home? Then our Best Mini Ping Pong Tables list will blow your mind.

I knew that the regular table size is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide, which takes a lot of space, or some tables don’t have a folding option. So indirectly, you need a special room for a ping pong table.

Don’t panic!

If you are living in an apartment or don’t have space at your home, I have done some research and bring some high-quality mid size ping pong tables that will help you choose a dream space saver table. These high-quality compact ping pong tables take significantly less space and allow you to fold up any time and store it when not in use.

So without wasting time, let’s start!

List Of 5 Best Mini Ping Pong Tables

#1. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

Our first choice is Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table. This small ping pong table is a 3/4 size compact ping pong table that allows you to play at an apartment and other small locations where a full-size table can not be set up. This miniature table tennis table is slightly bigger than a mid-size table, and if we compare it with a large size, it’s 2ft small in length and 1 ft small in width, which allows keeping the ball in play easy. 

It is an excellent table tennis trainer for beginners to learn how to play table tennis games. The legs fold up, and two wheels are placed in the middle of each table’s half, allowing easy movement and compact storage. Each half weighs approximately 35 pounds, making it a portable table tennis table. 

The tabletop is 12mm thick and protected by a sturdy steel frame with beautiful magenta corner pieces that perfectly complement the bright blue or green top. This table tennis table comes with a user-friendly Butterfly Table Tennis Clip Net and a post set that’s the same size as a regular net. 

This space-saving ping pong table comes with 100% pre-assembled, which means you just need to open the box and start playing your first game. This butterfly company offers a 3-year manufacturer warranty, which shows brand loyalty and quality of service.

This mini ping pong table provides the value of money. So it’s a better deal for you if you want some fun in the office area, home or your apartment.

  • Available in 2 colors, green and blue
  • It comes with a 12mm tabletop thickness
  • It comes with 100% pre-assemble
  • Includes Corner pads for corner protection
  • Perfect choice for juniors and beginners players
  • Larger than another mid-size and mini table
  • Easy to fold
  • Two wheels allow transporting to storage area
  • Include free adjustable net set
  • Height adjustment controls or leg levellers are missing, but this is hard to find these category tables

#2. STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table

STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table


Mini table dimensions: 109.2*99.1*12.7cm

Total Weight: 73 pounds

The material used: Alloy Steel, MDF Tabletop

STIGA Space Saver’s name says everything, and this is our second best choice in top mini ping pong tables. 100% pre-assembly makes it more special you only need to open the box and start play. This table size is 71″ length is 40.5″width*30cm of a regular table with 65lbs total weight.

The width and length of the table are a smaller version of a standard table. However, the height isn’t standard and is 30″ above the surface.

The tabletop’s thickness of 16mm is among the top in its class, providing an excellent performance. The tabletop is coated with multiple coats of top-quality paint and silkscreen white strips to give an even surface. The undercarriage is built well and is constructed of a 1.25″ rectangular steel tube. Aprons of similar size cover the tabletop, which results in a consistent bounce of the ball.

This table with a budget can serve multiple functions. The table can host games on the board or as a table for dining (don’t forget to bring the tablecloth).

However, I found the web pages to be a bit fragile and weak enough to withstand the force of fast smashes.

  • Solid Legs
  • Very easy to set up and takedown
  • It comes with net and post system
  • With the help of height adjusters, you can adjust the height of legs
  • Buy in two colors, blue and wood grain print
  • It comes with 1-year warranty
  • 16mm excellent table thickness
  • The net post quality could be better

#3. JOOLA Midsize Mini Ping Pong Set

JOOLA Midsize mini ping pong set

Joola Mid Size table is another mini tennis table that will adjust any small space. This table got more than 2500 five star ratings on Amazon, so If you live in an apartment and don’t have enough room for a big ping pong table, it can be the ideal choice for you.

Joola is the most popular brand globally and consistently produces high-quality tables. Its multi-purpose table halves are fantastic to entertaining when not in play. You can use this for crafting, playing poker board games and other casino table games

This space saver ping pong table comes 100% pre-assembled, so you don’t need anyone to assemble this table, just open the box and start playing your favourite game, table tennis. It comes with 36*36 storage dimensions, which means you can fold up a table and store it under your bed. Along with this, it comes with a free net and post set, which is a great thing.

This is a good option for recreational players. 

  • This table was constructed with high-quality materials
  • A high-Quality surface means the best ball bounce over the table during gameplay.
  • It comes with an excellent sports design.
  • 100% Pre Assemble means you only need to open the box and start playing your game.
  • Plastic Corner protectors help the table to protect from unwanted scratches.
  • Suitable for multiuse means you can play different games with this mini ping pong table, such as poker games, night casino table games etc.
  • Solid Folding Legs: It comes with excellent table legs which can fold down and lock into place.
  • The net is not solid.
  • It does not comes with net adjusters
  • Not fit for serious players
  • The Joola Midsize is not coming with wheels which is bad because wheels make transportation to storage space easy.

#4. GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis comes on my list because it is a complete package. 

If you are new to tennis table games, this table is a gem for you because this is one of the few mini table tennis tables with free paddle and balls. 

Gosport table surface dimension is 6ft long and 3ft wide, allowing you to play competitive games small enough to store them anywhere.

The next thing I like in this table is instant setup. Yes, you can fold it out for play and fold it up in some seconds to store it. Also, it comes with carrying handles that make it easy to carry in rooms, apartments, and your office.

This modal is constructed with very high-quality material. The heavy-duty aluminum frame helps keep the table solid, and the smooth table surface provides a perfect ball bounce over the table. Gosport is an indoor and outdoor table which means you can also use this table outside.

So if you are a beginner or living in an apartment then its great choice for you.

  • The table includes two paddles, a net as well, as four balls
  • Ultra-lightweight for easy transportation and installation
  • Carrying handles make the table easy to carry
  • It comes with a Carrying case for balls and paddles
  • There are no tools needed for the initial set-up
  • It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Legs are constructed from aluminum only
  • There is no tension adjuster include

#5. Goplus Portable Table Tennis Table

Goplus Foldable Ping Pong Table

The last mini table is the Goplus ping pong table. It comes with 100% assembly. You don’t need any tool, just unfold it and start playing. If we compare it with a large table, it saves a lot of time and effort. 

This table comes with a carrying handle, making this convenient and safe locking system easy to transport and store.

The aluminum composite board with multi-layers coating surface offers more ball bounce over the table like professional tables. It comes with footpads that protect your feet from slipping and enjoying the game.

Goplus comes with free two paddles, two balls and a removable net, which means you don’t need to waste your money on accessories. 

  • 100% pre-assembled
  • Portable: This table is effortless to carry
  • Lightweight and constructed with good quality
  • It comes with free two paddle and two balls
  • Removable net included
  • Net posts can be better

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