Top 5 Best Ping Pong Paddle Under 30 That Will Change Your Game

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This is the complete guide to buying the best ping pong paddle under 30 in 2022.

So if you’re looking for:

  • Best ping pong under budget
  • ITTF Certified paddles
  • Fantastic speed and quality
  • Best for spin

Then we analyzed top companies and made a list of the best tennis bat for you.

Now it’s time to share what we discovered.

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Best Ping Pong Paddle Under 30

Here are the List of 5 Best Ping Pong Paddle Under 30: Buying Guide 

The vision of buying a paddle should always be clear in one’s mind before you order one. There are different types of ping pong paddles and below are both best ping pong paddle for beginners beginners and intermediates.

#1. Killerspin Jet 200 Killer Tennis bat

Killerspin Jet 200 Killer Tennis bat

Product Highlights: One of the best cheap ping pong paddle for spin, It is made up of good quality rubber which offers better control to the player. Its low speed and spin help one to practice in a better way, especially the beginners. Its handle’s shakehand flared grip provides ease and comfort to the player because the wideness of the handle at the end doesn’t let the paddle slip from the hand.

Product overview: Killerspin Jet 200 belongs to the American brand of table tennis. This brand named their rackets or tennis bats as paddles to appeal to the basement US audience. Killerspin Jet 200 is one of the best cheap ping pong paddles among the other paddles of the Killerspin.

It comes in four different color-Black, BluVanilla, Mocha, and lime. Things that make it unique are its five layers of premium wood, its proportionate distribution of weight, and rubber, which provides good shots with precision. Although it’s not ITTF approved, still it offers acceptable performance and can be considered as an excellent option for beginners. Some key features are : The rating of control: 8.5, spin: 7, and speed: 6.

Another exciting thing is that it comes in a special storage box which provides protection to the Killerspin Jet 200 and can also be used to collect the scores, signatures, etc.


  • Good control rating 
  • Superior construction 
  • Memory book storage case
  • The racket is surrounded by flexible PVC tape
  • Affordable
  • Beginner-friendly 


  •  ITTF disapproval i.e. cannot be used in tournaments 
  • Limitation in speed and spin 
  • Degradation of grip after a decent use

#2. Stiga Apex Performance-Level best cheap table tennis racket

Stiga Apex Performance-Level

Product Highlights: It is very light, and this makes it unique and different from others as it only weighs 149g which is far less than other ping pong paddles. It provides both good control on the paddle, which allows the player to play with precision and a good spin rate. With a good spin rate, it gives a lot of power to the player with good control on the shots.

Product overview – Stiga is one of the most well-renowned and respected brands of table tennis. It provides satisfactory and good quality products. Stiga Apex Performance Level is one of their products which is a tournament level racket i.e., ITTF approved. ACS technology is used for improved control along with WRB technology which is used for maintaining the ideal balance of weight and speed. It is made up of a five-ply blade with a sponge of 2mm on the top of it. Its handle is also a concave Italian composite handle.

Some key features are : the rating of control: 8, speed: 6.5, spin: 5.2. Overall it is the best budget ping pong paddle under $30 for the ones who want to deal with less spin rate and excellent control and speed.


  • Value for money
  • Lightweight racket
  • Good control on shots 
  • Optimal for casual players and beginners 
  • ITTF approved 


  • Not so good speed and spin rate.

#3. Mapol 4 star professional

Mapol 4 star professional

Product Highlights– Mapol 4 star professional ping pong paddle is a cheap professional ping pong paddle with high-quality rubber in combination with great blade’s quality that proffers good performance at any learning level. Its flared handles offer more ease which allows the player to play for a longer span.

Product overview-Mapol 4-star professional ping pong paddle is the best ping pong paddle under 30, which is suitable for all the players of any skill level, especially for intermediate and for the ones who are proceeding towards the advanced level. It is made up of 7 ply blades with a 2mm sponge. Rubber selected for the paddle assures excellent grip, control, and speed.

One of the surprising elements of mapol 4-star professional is that it provides two paddles for the price of one which is a steal deal. The racket is a bit heavy with 200g of weight but still offers compatible bounce and strokes.

It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee i.e., if a customer is not satisfied with Mapol 4 star professional within 60 days, then one can return it with a 100% refund. Overall it comes under budget ping pong bat.


  • Excellent value for money product 
  • Able to achieve all types of spin with this product
  • Great product for practising control
  • Good for all kind of players 
  • Durable


  • Bit heavier than other ping pong paddles

#4. Sport out Sriver –He-

Sport out Sriver –He- ping pong paddle

Product Highlights- It is not an ordinary bat. It comes with Hybrid wood 9.8 that is made up of 9 plywood blades and 8 ply carbon that provides excellent power to attack and defense with great bounce. Its flared handles give comfort to the player also, sweat-absorbing materials are used to avoid slipping of hands from the grips.DCC (Air-dried, Tube Cut, and composite wood standards) technology is used, which ensures that the rubber does not separate from the blade because of the sticky glue with Nano carbons.

Product Overview- Sport out Sriver –He is one of the best table tennis rackets for professionals with extraordinary usage of hybrid wood 9.8 that provides a great bounce, it is an ITTF approved product that can be used in tournaments. It consists of a high elastic inverted sponge which creates an extra spin on the shots. Durable rubber is used that will not doff from the blades for a very long time. The rubber used in the product has air-dried quality. 

Some key features are: speed:9, spin:9, control:8.

Overall it is a very well considerable best ping pong paddle under 30 product for the professionals except for one thing that some people consider it a bit heavy but they get used to it with time and practice.


  • Professional design and performance 
  •  Durable
  • Value for money
  • Flared comfortable Handle


  • Slightly heavy owing to take more time to adjust 
  • Sometimes a pungent smell retains for some days 

#5. Butterfly 401 Best Ping Pong Padle

Butterfly 401 Best Ping Pong Padle

Product Highlights-It is a 5 plywood best ping pong paddle under 30 that provides the appropriate amount of power when hitting a ball. It is ITTF approved. Butterfly’s Yuki rubber on both sides will help the ball to grip with a paddle in a better way which will allow producing more spin than usual. This rubber on both sides has pimples which allow the same shots by both black and red sides of the paddle.

Product Overview- Butterfly is a Japanese table tennis brand that provides high-quality ping pong equipment. Their focus on quality and research has made them one of the famous brands of ping pong equipments.401 is one of their products that is made for beginners and intermediate players. Its 5 ply blade provides decent power. It is ITTF approved so it can be used in the tournament. Its rubber is of 2.1 mm thickness in red and black color of outstanding quality which lasts for a long time. For protection purposes, it comes with a case. 

Some key features are: control: 8.5, spin:8, speed: 8. Overall it is the best ping pong paddle set except for its smaller handle size which is a slight concern for some people 


  • Good quality handle and rubber used 
  • Good spin, control, and speed make it an all-rounder paddle 
  • ITTF approved


  • Rubbers caused sweat 
  • Slightly Shorter handles 
  • Low balance rating 

Final Thougths: Which one you should buy?

The above-mentioned 5 products are the best ping pong paddles under 30 dollars. In my opinion, Butterfly 401 is the one which is an overall good product. As it is ITTF approved so it can be used in tournaments also. One doesn’t have to reinvest first by buying non ITTF and then going for ITTF. This problem will be solved by buying cheap ping pong paddles, which is none other than Butterfly 401. 

It provides a good spin. Control and speed make it an overall great product to buy.

What is the best table tennis racket for beginners?

As a beginner, it is required to have a racket or paddle that provides a decent amount of spin, speed, and control. This will make you feel how you need to practice for a professional tournament. Also, in the beginning, it’s okay to not go for a high-priced Racket; these kinds of rackets are the best table tennis rackets for beginners.

What is the best budget ping pong racket?

Most of the best budget ping pong paddle comes 30, so the appropriate budget for buying the best and cheap ping pong paddle is $30.


I am Sachin, a content writer, and Table Tennis enthusiast. On the Bestpingpongtips site, I share ping pong tips, give my honest Table tennis equipment review, and help people choose a quality product.

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