How Is Table Tennis Different From Other Racquet Sports?

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Ever think? How Is Table Tennis Different From Other Racquet Sports?

I know Both racquets and table tennis are effective ways to train the whole body.

But some differences make table tennis different from other racquet sports, such as the type of racquet, playground, type of ball, and rules and regulations.

This article will discuss the differences between table tennis and other racquet sports.

What is table tennis?

It’s a sport that involves hitting a ball across a table with a racket. It is fast-paced and can be handled quickly by players.

This sport needs a table made from wood or synthetic materials, a net that divides the table in half, and a ball. You can play ping pong game indoors or outdoors, but it is most popular indoors.

With the above explanation, is table tennis a racquet sport? Let’s find out by reading on!

Is it a Racquet Sport?

Yes! Racquet sport or racquetball is played on an indoor or outdoor court using a small rubber ball and racket. Because the sport uses a standard and unique racket, it is called racquetball.

It includes ping pong and tennis as well as badminton and squash. These sports require a lot of body contact and are played quickly.

The next question is: Are they all the same? And how is table tennis different from other racquet sports?

How Is Table Tennis Different From Other Racquet Sports

There are many different ping pong games and others because Each game has its unique characteristics and rules.

Let’s see the difference between ping pong and other racquet sports.

We will help you differentiate it from other sports with a few simple factors.

  • Playground
  • Racket uses
  • Ball-type
  • Playing speed
  • Rule


Preparing the playing area for any sport is important. You need a court that is suitable for table tennis or badminton, as well as tennis.

You can see a good training area in badminton with a net in its middle. It could also use for lawn tennis.

Table tennis does not require a training area. It is a long-distance sport, so it is on a rectangular table. The table will be divided into small grids and partitions.

Ping pong can be played indoors or out. The weather won’t affect your game.

Racket Difference

There is a vast difference between racquet sports.

Racquets for badminton and tennis are constructed with a broad face and woven strings that form a net to support them.

The table tennis racket is like a wooden paddle and has rubber sides to increase bounce.

Each sport has a different racket weight. Badminton racquets have a short handle and a tight racquet with soft strings. The head of the tennis racket can be a little heavier than other sports handle, but it is still solid.


Apart from racquets and the ball used for each game are also different.

Pingpong is considered a lighter and smaller ball than other sports balls. Table tennis ball weighs 2.7g—spherical balls made from plastic fiber with a hollow interior.

Players will need to make bounces for the ball in a table tennis match, so this design helps to generate more bounce on the table.

On the other hand, a tennis ball is much smaller than a ping-pong but heavier. The ball is made from vulcanized rubber and has an outer layer of felt.

Badminton doesn’t use a ball, but a tiny ball made of foam and feathers. Badminton can fly high with a lightweight ball.

Playing speed   Difference 

Another difference that makes table tennis different from other sports is the speed you play with the ball.

Flexibility and agility are essential for any game. Table tennis requires more flexibility and agility. Ping Pong ball moves quickly, is light and is easy to bounce. To score, players must also have high skill.

Squash is next to table tennis. Each player must make racquet strokes in turn at the correct positions on the four walls of their playing court. This game requires precision and smooth coordination.

The playing field for tennis and badminton is also wider. The matches are, therefore, relatively slow.


Let’s look at table tennis compared to other racquet sports like badminton or tennis, and Squash. So that you can understand How Is Table Tennis Different From Other Racquet Sports.

Table tennis vs tennis

Table tennis is a new form of tennis that can play indoors. The playing area for ping pong is smaller than a rectangular table. It should measure approximately 24m in length, 11.m in width in doubles, and 8.2m in singles.

The weight and polishing material are another difference. Tennis balls are larger and heavier, with sometimes an additional layer of optical yellow. This allows players to identify the ball’s location quickly.

Tennis scoring is different than ping pong. You need to pay attention to speed when comparing these two sports.

Ping Pong players must be agile and flexible. The ball can travel up to 20m in tennis but only 3m in ping pong.

Table Tennis vs Badminton

A Badminton shuttlecock, which can travel over 400 km per hour, is another fast racquet game. Badminton can also play on a smaller court than Tennis 13.4m and 6.18m for singles games and 6m for doubles. Badminton is fast and can be compared to Table Tennis due to its speed and court size.

Badminton is an entirely different game from Tennis or Table Tennis. The net that divides the court is higher at just over 1.5m. This means that the shuttlecock spends more time in the air than the ball in Tennis and Table Tennis. This is because shuttlecocks don’t bounce.


Badminton racquets are lighter than any other racquet sport. Badminton racquets are 665-675mm long but weigh 70-95g without string and grip.

A Tennis racquet is a similar frame that holds a matrix of tightly pulled strings. It will measure 72cm in length and weigh at most 250gm. It can also weigh more than 300gm.

The Table Tennis racquet is also known as a paddle. It’s very different from its Tennis and Badminton counterparts.  

This gives Table Tennis a unique level of strategy that is not found in other racquet sports.

Table Tennis vs Squash

Another English invention was squash, which Harrow students created, a private school for boys. The ‘Rackets,’ which were punctured balls that hit the wall and smashed on impact, allowed for more shots, but required more effort by the players. They couldn’t wait for the ball to bounce off the wall. In 1864, the school built its first squash court. The sport quickly grew beyond its walls.


The skill level of each player is a major difference in all racquet games.

These sports require that all players can practice and master their skills.

These games have their unique ways of handling the ball, covering the table or court, and grasping the racquet or paddle.

To be successful in any given game, players must practice and have precision.


This game is excellent for all ages. We hope this information helpful for you if you are new to table tennis.

We hope that our blog post has provided you with some helpful information if you are already a player. We hope you enjoy our blog post, regardless of whether or not you are a player.

Which sports require a racket?

There are currently four popular racquet sports you can choose from:

What’s the ping-pong advantage?

If you have a good exercise routine, any ping pong sport can benefit you. We have listed some of the benefits that ping pong offers.
Ping pong is a great way to keep your flexibility and agility in the whole body.
It also helps improve coordination between the different parts of your body.
It increases your body’s sweat production and helps enhance the function of your cardiovascular system.
Table tennis is less dangerous than other sports for players who sustain serious injuries.
This game is appropriate for all ages.
Table tennis is an activity that brings people together and makes it more fun.

Why is a tennis racket so different from other racket sports.

It’s because the courts are larger, and the balls have more drag than other racquet sports. A giant racquet head allows more string to exert more force on the ball. A longer racquet head increases leverage to exert more detail on the ball.


I am Sachin, a content writer, and Table Tennis enthusiast. On the Bestpingpongtips site, I share ping pong tips, give my honest Table tennis equipment review, and help people choose a quality product.

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