How To Play Beer Pong: Beer Pong Rules And Guide

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Beer Pong, sometimes known as Beirut, is the most famous drinking game. The origins of the traditional game, 10 cup beer pong (however, 6 cups is not uncommon on smaller tables), are unknown. The game was devised in the mid-1960s or ‘ 70s at Dartmouth College. At that time, different beer pong rules were created. The original version, according to myth, was played with ping pong strokes and a net and was more like ping pong than current beer pong.

What Is Beer Pong?

B.pong is a well-known drinking game. The goal of the game is to remove the cups of the opposite team until they remove yours. Here are the basic rules for beer pong.

During the game, pong balls are thrown across a table by participants to catch them in their rivals’ cups. If the ball falls, the defensive team must grab the cup from the tabletop and drink the beer inside.  

It’s simple if you do have beer pong racks. If not, make a 6- or 10-cup triangular shape with the cups. Pour all of the beer pong cups approximately 1/4 to 1/3 full. Over to the side, put an extra cup full of water for cleaning your balls.

How To Set Up a Beer Pong Table?

The first of the basic beer pong rules is to arrange the table. Set up 10 cups in a pyramid along either side of a table (the average size of a beer pong board is 2 feet in diameter x 8 feet in length). The procedure will be as follows: 5 cups on the bottom, 4 cups straight above, 3 cups, 2 cups, and the topmost cup. The pyramids are accompanied by the two remaining cups, one for each pyramid. For cleaning the balls, these glasses are flooded with water.

It comes among the traditional rules of beer pong to fill the cups halfway with beer, but a more hygienic alternative is to serve the cups halfway with fresh water and provide a bottle or can of beer just on the sideline.

How To Play Beer Pong?

After knowing the basics, the question is how to play beer pong. The answer to that question is here.

Beer Pong is usually played between two teams, with one group taking turns hitting a ping pong ball into the cups. When one ball lands in a cup, it is withdrawn, and the contestant drinks the contents. The balls are paired back and allowed to shoot when both sides hit the cups.

The side that correctly smashes all of the defender’s cups wins the game. Because the game has so many variations, it’s a good idea to go beyond basic beer pong setup like racks and spinning before the game starts. The game’s winner tends to stay on the table and welcomes the next opponent. A list is usually made to note who is going to play next.

How Many Cups in Beer Pong and Other Considerations?

The game usually consists of two opposed teams, although it can also include two or more players. There are 12 or 20 cups in beer pong, for each team having 6 or 10 cups set up in a triangle formation on each side. So, in response to the first worry, we should provide approximately 20 cups for both parties to play with.

What Are The Beer Pong Rules?

The specific beer pong rules that you need to follow when playing a b.pong game.

Setting up the Table and Balls

Place 10 (often 18oz or 16oz) cups in a pyramid-like shape on every end of a beer pong deck. Pour the appropriate amount of beer into each cup. To fill all 10 cups, two 12oz beers are often used, but this amount might vary based on how often you want to drink.

Choosing Who Will Go First

“Eyes” chose the initial shot if this was the first game of the evening. Whenever player out of each team throws the ball while making eye contact with their competitor throughout the shot, this is referred to “eye contact shooting.” If both players miss or succeed, their companions will now shoot. This continues until one individual succeeds and their rival fails. In this beer pong rule, the hit cup is not withdrawn; the ball is retrieved and returned to the team that made the shot. If it is not the opening game, the preceding game’s victor goes first. If top teams form or the team that wins retires, “Eyes” is played again to determine who goes first.

Flexor Tendons Rule

At parties and events, this is frequently an unstated beer pong rule. Participants must maintain their elbow behind the table’s edge while hitting. If there is a wrists rule, players should keep their wrists behind the table’s border. 

If you break this rule, your shot will not count. If the shot is successful, the infracting player may take a step back and try again. Due to the difficulty in determining if the elbow Or wrist does indeed cross the level of the table, it is the most disputed rule in Beer Pong. Yes, this regulation applies to females as well.


Every team can request that the cups be rearranged at the beginning of their move twice per game. Re-racking, racking, or reformation are terms used to describe this process. This depends upon how many cups to play beer pong

 If you do have any leftover cups in the amounts of 6, 4, 3, or 2, you can rack them. It is still regarded as your move when you get balls back after two consecutive passes, and you may not receive a rack. The last cup can permanently be moved around and centred if requested.


If the ball strikes the table and afterwards falls into a cup, this cup, and another cup of opposing team’s selection, is withdrawn. If there’s only two cups left, the rebound only qualifies as one cup. Therefore, bouncing on the last two cups is pointless…Unless you’re just attempting to be complicated. However, we’ve heard some of the more manly men complain that “bouncing is for bitches,” but we prefer this official rule of beer pong since it keeps players focused on the game and speeds things up.

Fixing Cups

A player may request that the cups be corrected anywhere during the game. It’s important not to mix this up with racking. This simply involves repositioning the cups towards where they would’ve been if they hadn’t slid or been pushed out of place. Investing in a beer pong rack will help you keep everything in order.

Rollbacks At The Table

If the ball returns to the gunner without falling to the ground (you can also capture it in mid-air), they may fire it underneath the back again. If the shot is successful, it scores as one cup.


Each player on the opposing team has a chance of hitting the leftover cups when the last cup is hit. Each participant shoots unless they miss, regardless of the sequence in which they do so. If there are any remaining racks, they can use them now. The beer pong game is over when both players are missing, and there are still cups left. If the players play all of the remaining cups, the game will go into a three-cup tie.


The other would-be champions shoot first after three cups are rearranged into a triangle configuration. During overtime, no racks are allowed, but the last cup may be brought back / centered.

Different Variations Of Beer Pong

Students, especially in their 20s, play this game so much that they use their own variations in a way they like. Here are some of the favorite variations for the beer pong game.

Cup Of Death

This is a well-liked variation. But the basic rules remain the same, except this because when you take up the cup of beer to sip, it is referred to as the death cup, and the opposition team attempts to drop the ball inside while you drink. If your rival successfully lands a ball before you empty the cup, the game will be over. So your main choices are to drink the beer fast or keep your cup covered at all times.

Balls Back

This is a beer pong rule variation that is virtually universally recognised. You and your buddy set up your beer pong table as usual, and you each take a shot. If both team members hit their shots, you get the balls back right away, avoiding the opponent team’s turn.

The Gifted Shot

This difficult rule for beer pong, sometimes known as Island, permits players to shoot for a certain cup without contacting any other cups. For the regulation to apply, the player must indicate that they are going for the skill shot cup before firing. If the player buries the ball, the adversaries must drink 2 cups of beer rather than the usual one. Before beginning the game, the limits of this variant, like all others, should be specified. Many individuals will limit skill shooting play to once every game, while others do not limit it and instead penalize you by sipping one of your very own beers as a penalty if you clicked the right cup.

What Is The History Of Beer Pong?

The game was founded at Dartmouth College around 1950 and 1960 its natural shape, while the actual date and origins of the game remain a mystery. During a game of ping pong, students supposedly left cups of alcohol on the table, and others began reaching for the cups. Originally, the game took place with flippers (a tradition that continues at some campuses), but frat brothers at Lehigh University changed it to “pitch pong.”

Final Thoughts: Beer Pong Rules

Beer pong is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining party games available. It can be used at any celebration and customized to fit the theme or materials available. The essential thing is to follow the rules to have a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you bounce in beer pong?

The ball may bounce or go straight into the cup, but see the home rules for further information. The game continues until each team is left with no cups. The team wins the game with the most cups.

What happens if you make 2 balls in one cup in beer pong?

When a group puts two balls into the same cup simultaneously, it is known as “Death Cup,” and the opposing team is immediately eliminated from the game. Certain people break this rule.

What happens if you knock a cup over in beer pong?

The defensive side can force the cups to shift without consequence once the ball has struck them, but the cups will be withdrawn from the game when they do.

Do you have to call Ring of Fire in beer pong?

If you’re heating up, shout “Heating Up!” and then take your third shot. “You’re on fire!” you exclaim, free to keep firing until you fail. You do not even want to be on fire if you neglect to say Getting Hot!

What is heating up in beer pong?

When an offensive player has made 2 cups in a row, they can call it “heating up.” This means that if they make a third shot in a row they are “on fire”. When a player is “on fire” they continue to keep shooting until they miss


I am Sachin, a content writer, and Table Tennis enthusiast. On the Bestpingpongtips site, I share ping pong tips, give my honest Table tennis equipment review, and help people choose a quality product.

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