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This is the complete JOOLA Rally TL Review guide in 2022

In this in-depth review guide, we cover:

  • Overview
  • JOOLA Rally TL Highlights
  • What makes unique this table tennis?
  • Pros and cons 
  • Why should you buy this?

So, If you are looking for a quality tennis table, then this review guide is for you.

Let’s dive right in.

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Step by Step JOOLA Rally TL Review 

JOOLA Rally TL Review


  • Brand Name: Joola
  • Color Available: Charcoal
  • The material used: Engineered Wood
  • Table Dimensions: Length:108, Width:60, and Height:30 inches
  • Total Weight: 155 lbs
  • Assembly required: 10-15 minutes (Comes 95% pre-assembled)
  • Surface Thickness: 15mm
  • Total players can play: 2 to 4
  • Our Honest Rating: 9.2/10

Overview: Joola rally TL 300 

The Joomla rally to professional MDF indoor table tennis table is the perfect table tennis table for anyone looking for an affordable option that still offers quality and performance. The table easily folds up for storage or transportation, and it includes a built-in storage system for your paddles and balls. The Rally TL is ideal for both recreational players and serious competitive athletes with its sturdy construction.

What makes Joola rally to ping pong table special?

15mm charcoal table surface

The 15mm (5/8″) thick MDF top is perfect because it gives your shots just enough bounce to keep things interesting.

The charcoal top is durable material that won’t quickly wear down. It also has silk-screened white striping, which gives it consistency and style!

Tables come in various sizes, but the most common is 15mm-25 mm. If you’re looking for an excellent ping pong table with your family, we recommend 18mms as minimum thickness. However, if playing more seriously than that, then 25 may be better suited. This can affect gameplay, so make sure they’re compatible before purchasing.

The Rally TL is an excellent option if you have more money and want to buy something with a better bounce. There’s also two thicker models available, the Classic (which comes in at 3″ wide) or Supreme, which has an impressive 5 inches of comfort!

  • JOOLA Rally TL 18mm (also known as the Rapid Play 180)
  • JOOLA Rally TL 25mm

We always recommend getting a thicker table for the more serious gamer for a better bounce. These models are almost the same apart from an extra-wide surface and slightly heavier weight to support it!

95% pre-assembled.

You can have a tournament-grade net up that is pre-assembled! This lightweight and portable Joola rally to ping pong table come 95% complete with all hardware necessary for assembly. It only takes about 15 minutes to put together, so you can be playing right away without having any tools or skills needed at all (assistance not included). The sturdy aluminium frame makes sure your game will last through even the roughest practices while also looking great on its thanks to anodized colors paired up well against natural grass backgrounds – no matter where you decide to use it.

Durable frame and table apron

Whether you’re looking to get serious training in the art of table tennis or want an excellent piece for your den, this is perfect. 

The 15mm surface sits on top of a 1.5″ tube apron to help support and spread out the bounce across an entire table while providing a sturdy undercarriage with 30×30 mm steel frames for both sides that feels very strong in hand.

The JOOLA Rally series is a step up in the quality of table tennis equipment. With models that come with thicker frames to support heavier weight, these tables will give you more stability during games and tournaments alike.

joola rally tl 300

Splits Into Two Halves And Foldable

You may not think that a table tennis table can be heavy. Still, when you need to move it around for storage or renovation purposes, the joola rally to professional-grade table tennis table is your best option. The rally TL table tennis tables are made up of two halves that conveniently fold up to a small space when not in use. This two-piece folding design makes these lightweight tables much more accessible than normal full-size ones, and its compactness also means less clutter in limited living spaces! The safety latch on each half of this indoor sports furniture prevents collapse without warning, so no accidents happen during transport – another great feature all parents should know.

The caster wheels on each half of the table are anti-tilting, making it easy to roll around yourself. They can be locked when not in use to don’t damage your table or hurt yourself while moving it.

The folding table allows you to separate the two halves and set up a private playback mode. You can take this half-folded unit anywhere or use it in solo practice when there’s no one else around!

Comes with ball holders and magnetic scoreboard

The table is a lovely, compact and has spaces for 12 balls. It’s much easier than fumbling in the dark with just one paddle!

The magnetic scoreboard that comes with the table is a convenient feature to have, especially if you want to keep score and settle any disputes when someone forgets about it.


  • Excellent build quality- the table frame is solid and durable.
  • Well, finishing to the top.
  • Very easy to assemble- This Joomla rally to 300 table tennis table is not take more than 15 minutes to assemble
  • Foldable-You can fold half of the table very quickly and use it in the playback position.
  • Magnetic scoreboard-Magnetic scoreboard helps players to track scores.
  • Ball holders- Another good thing is this table comes with ball holders. Each corner can hold 3 balls means this table has 12 balls holding capacity altogether.


  • Comes with a 15mm table surface: This table is not that thick. But you can use it for casual games; it will be fine.
  • Not pocket friendly as others: This table is a bit expensive than other tennis tables.

About Brand: Joola

German table tennis manufacturer JOOLA has produced quality products for over 70 years. In that time, they’ve provided official tables at multiple Olympic Games and countless national tournaments. Their customers report getting good service when contacting them about an issue with one of these high-end equipment purchases on Amazon; this makes me confident enough to purchase from them myself!

joola rally tl ping pong table

Final Thoughts: JOOLA Rally TL Review

So it’s time to give final words for the joola rally to 300 table tennis table review post. This is an excellent choice for those who want an affordable inside table breaking their pockets. This table gained hundreds of amazon 5 positive star ratings. I love that it folds up very quickly and stores in a small space. So I think you should give a try for this high-quality tennis table a try.


I am Sachin, a content writer, and Table Tennis enthusiast. On the Bestpingpongtips site, I share ping pong tips, give my honest Table tennis equipment review, and help people choose a quality product.

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