Kettler TopStar XL Ping Pong table

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Are you trying to decide on buying a table tennis Kettler TopStar XL Ping Pong table? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This table is less expensive than some of the other tables but still offers top-notch quality of play even more advanced players will enjoy. It has a weatherproof surface, so you don’t need to worry about the weather effect on the table. The certified tournament-level table offers excellent ball bounce and gives you an amazing playing experience.

Kettler TopStar XL Ping Pong table

Kettler TopStar XL Ping Pong table Review

Kettler top star xl Specifications

Table Dimensions: 9feet*5feet

Total Assembly Time: 2 to 3 Hours

Weight of table: 128lbs

Price: Check On Amazon

Tabletops that are weatherproof

The first question anyone looking to purchase an outdoor table should be asking is whether the table can stand up to the elements? This table is reinforced with a 7/8” patented weatherproof ALU-TEC top that incorporates Climate-Control technology, and you’ll be able to rest assured that this table will stand up to the force of the rain.

The table is made up of several layers of chipboard and aluminum to simulate the action of an indoor table with the strength of an outdoor table to make sure that it has a steady bounce. In addition, there are several layers of protective coatings and a UV-protective finish to prevent the sun from damaging the table.

In the end, it’s covered by a 1.5-inch aluminum apron, which will keep the moisture out and keep the table from bending and getting rusty.

It is very simple and secure to fold.

The Topstar is incredibly simple to fold away when it’s not being used. With four safety locks, simply unlock them and raise and lower the table, and the legs will collapse or extend. It’s among the top folding mechanisms we’ve seen, and If you check out the video above, you’ll realize how simple it is.

You can also fold the entire table and put it in playback mode to play by yourself when you don’t have someone to compete against. When folded, the table has a low center of gravity to keep it from slipping over. It’s also extremely small in its storage position, having dimensions of 26.25 inches wide, 64.75 inches high, and 72 inches long.

Durable and sturdy frame

It is supported with a sturdy and sturdy steel frame, which is coated with a powder made of synthetic and galvanized to stop it from becoming rusty within the elements. Its legs measure 2.5 inches in thickness and are elliptical to ensure maximum stability. As we have mentioned, the legs automatically unfold when folding the table.

To make it easy to move, Tables are equipped with 4 double 5.5-inch wheels that allow them to be moved across various surfaces effortlessly. Because the table doesn’t break into two pieces like many tables, it’s a good thing it has big wheels. Two of them are locked to ensure that it is stable when placed in storage for safety and unfolded for the most optimal gaming experience.

Assembly will require a few hours.

Like many other tables outdoors, The assembly process of TopStar XL can be pretty complex. The instructions that come accompanying the table can be inadequate. It will require at least two to three hours and two persons to assist with some of the liftings. The link below will lead users to official guidelines, but there’s a video from Kettler below, which will explain the type of work you can expect.

Includes table cover along with bats and balls

We recommend buying an appropriate table cover for your new ping-pong table, particularly for tables that are outdoors. They’re usually constructed with tough and weatherproof material, but that doesn’t mean you could let them sit out in case of rain or when it’s too risky. It will significantly extend the life of your table simply by folding it in half and putting a cover on it.

Thankfully, the Kettler has a cover included in the standard (when you purchase through Amazon) which means you don’t need to make any other purchase. It’s not clear which model the cover is, but as we can tell, it appears to have been getting good reviews, even though customers have said it’s not very durable. However, it’s superior to no cover and is included in the cost.

It also comes with the two Kettler Halo 5.0 paddles and the six balls with a 3-star rating that allows you to play right from the moment you purchase it without any additional items. Considering these items are priced around $100 each in a single purchase, it’s a pretty good deal.

Weatherproofed posts and nets that you don’t need to take away

One of the things we like regarding the TopStar is that you don’t need to take off the net or posts when folding it up. They’re separate from the table’s surface and are affixed to the frame. This saves time while getting ready or moving down. Like you would expect from a modernized post and net, you can adjust the height and tension. The posts are made of high-quality resin that is durable, which means they don’t rust or get damaged when they get wet (although we recommend covering them with the cover for when they are not being used).

About the manufacturer About the manufacturer: Kettler

Kettler is a family-owned German company that has been in existence since 1949. They do not just produce table tennis equipment. Still, They are also among the most renowned manufacturers of bicycles, fitness equipment, outdoor toys for children, and other furniture, with their products available in more than 60 countries worldwide. Kettler USA has been around since 1981 as the distributor for the United States. If you’re located in Virginia, you’re welcome to visit their store at Virginia Beach to see all their offerings.

Final Thoughts: Kettler TopStar XL Ping Pong table

Overall, we enjoyed our experience with the Kettler TopStarXL and felt it performed well compared to other competitors. We are amazed that it comes with many different accessories such as balls, paddles, and the table cover. It could be a suitable choice for families searching for an outdoor table or in garages. We’re not a fan of how long it takes to put together. With mostly preassembled tables, it’s unfortunate that Kettler could not do more to make the process faster. It’s also got an attractive surface that provides decent bounce for a table that is outdoors. It’s durable and comes at an affordable cost.

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I am Sachin, a content writer, and Table Tennis enthusiast. On the Bestpingpongtips site, I share ping pong tips, give my honest Table tennis equipment review, and help people choose a quality product.

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