STIGA Master Series ST3100 Review

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The STIGA Master Series ST3100 Indoor tennis Table is an excellent budget killer choice for beginners to intermediate Ping Pong players looking to boost their playing skills. This table gets hundreds of 5 stars on Amazon, which shows how great it is. Today, we will do STIGA Master Series ST3100 Review and discuss this table’s good or bad things.

The STIGA Master Series Overview

We know that you are a fan of the table tennis game, that’s why you’re looking to find a better table! It provides many features over other tables in the same price bracket. It features a 3/4 ” top thicker than many of its competition within the same price range, which means it offers more bounce.

After having owned and played on several table tennis tables for many years, we can confirm that this table gives an excellent value of money overall for those searching for a reliable table to play in a recreational room. Middle school and high school age children all appear to believe that this is a top-of-the-line table and enjoy playing at it.

ST3100 Indoor tennis Table

Stiga 3100 Specifications

  • Performance table that has integrated ball storage Apron
  • Sturdy-link chassis, with silk-screened, durable and smooth striping
  • The ball apron can hold 24 balls (12 on each side) which is great.
  • 3/4 ” top
  • This comes with net and post system
  • 3″‘ casters
  • 2” apron
  • 2″ legs
  • Stiga 3100 dimensions is 62.5 inches x 56.5″x 5.0″
  • Play position (9ft) * 60″ (5ft) * 30″
  • Playback position 60″‘x 64” x 62″
  • Storage location 60′ 30” and 60” x 62″

Assembly and the Initial Setup

In contrast to some indoor ping pong tables, which are pre-assembled and require only you to connect to the leg, the ST3100 is a lengthy process to put together(you can download the complete guidebook right here). There are more than 20 steps to complete, which is why I consider the st3100 table tennis table an extremely complex table that you need to construct. It’s a plus that the instruction manual is much more concise than the majority of manuals I’ve encountered.

What is the length of time you can expect the assembly process to take?

It’s hard to say. However, this isn’t the model that you’ll play with within an hour of the delivery. If you can get two people who have some experience, I’d say it’s going to take between 2 and 3 hours to put together. Although it is possible to put together the table yourself, it’s easier to do so when you have two people.

When you complete the assembled process, it is simple to fold away for storage. It’s sixty” x 30″ x 72″ when in storage mode, compared to 108″ 60″ x 30″ in its play position. However, this is not a one-piece model, and you cannot move the two halves separately.

Large wheels allow for easy rolling.

Stiga st3100 table tennis table Large wheels

This table tennis table comes with three” wheels, which are more extensive than other tables at this price. This makes it easy to roll it across the carpet and move it throughout the room even when it is not used.

Well-engineered, solid framing

The undercarriage on this table is very well designed. It can lock together and offers an excellent playing surface after assembly. The two” thick legs for stabilization aren’t flimsy and hold the table very well.

Single-player option Available 

Stiga master series st3100 table tennis table comes with “playback mode” that allows the table to fold down just one side of the table and let players play Ping Pong independently without needing any other player. I’d never attempted this before, and this table makes it simple and has significantly improved my Ping Pong playing skills.

Fold and easily store

Stiga st3100 table tennis table

Stiga st3100 table tennis table not only folds up one side at a given time to allow the use of a single person, you can also fold up entirely and enable you to store in small space. This table makes it possible to move it away from the way and put it behind a couch when you are not using it.

Integrated Ball Storage

One of the most significant advantages of Stiga ST3100 Stiga ST3100 comes with integrated ball storage within the table’s apron. The ball storage integrated system lets players start with 12 balls at the end of the table. This is very practical and allows players to have the chance to play table tennis rather than searching for balls and taking them home. This ball storage system is stylish and unobtrusive, creating a fantastic practical feature, but also attractive.

Stiga 3100 Price

One of the great things about the ST3100 table is its cost. It’s a table that’s 19mm with a decent bounce and an apron for ball storage. $ 499.99 is quite reasonable. It’s usually available for sale at a lower cost than this (I’ve seen it on sale for up to 34 per cent discount in Dick’s). It’s an excellent value.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find the second hand stiga st3100 ping pong table on websites like Craigslist and eBay. Be sure to check the quality of the table before you purchase.

Playing Quality and Surface Thickness

The most important thing about any table is its playing surface’s thickness. The recommended minimum thickness is 15mm, as any surface more minor than this will produce a terrible bounce. The most severe players should opt for a 19mm or more surface because they provide a more stable bounce that is close to the tables of competition.

Luckily, The Stiga 3100 has a 19mm top, making it great to play with. The bounce is quick and responsive, in contrast to less expensive models that tend to be slower. It’s also of a size that is regulation.


  • Super large 12 ball capacity for storage
  • The legs are thick and provide full support
  • The surface for playing is well constructed and professional looking
  • Folds flat completely for simple storage
  • Large rollers make rolling the table effortless
  • The playback position allow you to play alone
  • Providing the same tournament table quality at lowest price


  • Post and net aren’t of the highest quality.
  • Paddles and balls do not come with this table.
  • A bit difficult to assemble to one person

Conclusion: STIGA Master Series ST3100 Review

Overall this is a great table. ST3100 competition indoor ping pong table is an excellent option for beginners and intermediate players. The most notable thing I found in this table is it comes with very high-quality material and a reasonable price. You cannot find any table like this at this price in the table tennis market. So without wasting time, go for it.

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Stiga ST3100 Vs ST4100: What’s the difference?

The stiga st3100 ping pong table and the ST4100 part of Stiga’s Master Series have some major differences in both tables. The most notable is the ST4100 is comes with the Stiga Quickplay Chassis, which makes assembly faster. Also, it has a top of 25mm and can store more balls. It was considerably more expensive.

As a side note, the Eurotek is another table frequently compared to the ST3100. Both tables have the same top width. However, the Eurotek is smaller in its legs.


I am Sachin, a content writer, and Table Tennis enthusiast. On the Bestpingpongtips site, I share ping pong tips, give my honest Table tennis equipment review, and help people choose a quality product.

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